Lone Writer’s Log Book | Friday May 4th, 2012

  • I always sleep better the second night in Toledo, probably from being exhausted after travel, time change, lack of sleep the first night, and work.
  • Why are hotel televisions so hard to navigate?  I definitely prefer CST when it comes to my TV shows.
  • Free breakfast. Short day at buyback. Late lunch/Early dinner at IKEA in Detroit: cold fries, okay meatballs, broccoli soup (mine’s better), some dessert with a name I can’t pronounce nor remember.
  • I’m thinking tea lights this summer. Definitely tea lights.
  • Flight delayed 30 minutes.
  • I bought the next Stieg Larsson book at the Detroit airport bookstore!  And have already read 50 pages.  Couldn’t focus much on the plane because…
  • A 42 year old drinker/smoker loud mouth bragger sat behind me on the plane. All he talked about was how many Kid Rock concerts he’d been to and how drunk he got and his 13 year old daughter and all the concerts he takes her to and how he made $97K last year as a janitor.
  • I’m home!

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