Lone Writer’s Log Book | Thursday May 3rd, 2012

• So happy to see Hampton went back to Purity Basics bath products. I love the moisturizer and will definitely be swiping it.
• Free breakfast! Rude students! Long day!
• Dinner: Mexican at a place called Cinco de Mayo. So glad it wasn’t. Great food though.
• 24 hours till my flight home.

Lone Writer’s Log Book | Wednesday May 2nd, 2012

  • Bah!  The only thing I forgot to pack was a book!  I wanted to trade in my copy of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the airport bookstore. They have a Read and Return program for 50% credit.  I was going to trade it in for the next book in the series. Oh well…I’m still going to go ahead and buy the next one anyway.
  • This morning while still in the St. Louis airport, I was 3 inches away from being hit over the head by a wet ceiling tile that fell apart and crashed to the floor just as I was in the store buying a Coke. My bag, pants leg, and shoe got wet…not too bad but it was a very close call right before having to board my plane.
  • On the plane, I sat behind a black cowboy….big cowboy hat, boots, buckle, even a brown bandana tied around his neck. When we stepped off the plane, an attendant actually sang out, “I wanna be a cowboy, baby!” I refrained from Village People jokes though I did want to ask.
  • Ate lunch at Tony Packo’s: cabbage roll, hot dog, chili, fried pickles.
  • Bought a bird paper weight in Perrysburg.

Lone Writer’s Log Book | Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

  • Checked in for my Toledo flight tomorrow. Always a relief to get a good spot in line for a good seat! What’s the best seat on an airplane?  I like a few rows from the back, window seat, no emergency exit row. Takes longer getting off the plane, but I’m comfortable there.
  • Bought some nice ink pens today just for my trip. Yep, I get excited about nice ink pens.
  • Really enjoyed Glee’s version of Shake It Out.
  • Packed for Toledo.