366 of Me: Day 87

This past weekend we spent most of Sunday in the yard again.  J spent much of the morning working on relaying our garden path that leads from the back door to the patio.

Years ago we laid the brick down but did not do anything to control the grass in between.  Two years ago we discovered there was once a driveway beneath this path because our patio was once a garage.  So, we dug up a lot of the white rocks that made up the driveway and used it as filler in between the stones.  It still looked a mess.

We finally got it right this year!  We put down weed controlling tarp after picking up all the stones.  In the photo at the bottom, you can see we are going to fill in with pea gravel in between.  And down the left side, we’re even putting in a barrier to control the gravel from washing away.

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