366 of Me: Day 65

This weekend I took a stroll around the yard to check all the sprouts and buds popping up in the flower beds.  It’s so nice to see a hint of green again and know that winter is going away. Last year, J and I planted herbs in one of our beds. This was our first time putting herbs in the ground. In the past, we’d attempted to grow them in pots on the windowsill but never had any luck.

Click here to see the herbs we started in plastic Folgers containers last year on our windowsill before we transplanted them outside.

Planting them in the ground was a huge success!  They really flourished.  But we didn’t think they’d come back, until a neighbor told us she has several herbs that come back every year.  Well, guess what those little green sprigs are in the photo above?  It’s mint!  The mint we planted last year is making a return!


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