Coupon/Savings Recap for February

Well, February has come and gone and looking back at the numbers, I didn’t do so well this month.

I spent $678 in groceries this month, compared to just $515 last February.  That’s an increase in $163, but I can account for most of that.

With a lot of good coupons that were going to expire last weekend, I spent a bit more on some basics than I normally would have.  I bought an extra bag of cat food because I had $6 in coupons for it. I also bought 4 bottles of Laundry detergent and 2 bottles of fabric softener because of coupons that were going to expire. And I bought an extra pack of toilet paper too.

All of this adds up to about $50 dollars that I’ll hopefully save in March and April since I won’t have to buy these products again so soon.

For coupons, I came really close but was still under compared to last year. I saved $69.20 in February this year from coupons, but last year I saved $84.79.  Yikes!  I still managed to put $50 into savings this month though, which I’m proud of.

I’m also not even going to mention my debt total that I’m working on because it also went up in February thanks to an unexpected car repair, but it’s definitely going to go down for March!

So, by stocking up on a few basics, let’s hope I do better with the numbers in March. How is your coupon savings going so far for 2012?  How did you do in February?  Any big savings or shopping trips you are proud of?


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