366 of Me: Day 56

My 1976 hardcover copy of Anne’s first work, which sadly I’ve never read before. I have seen the movie a few times though.

I decided to pick it up this week after I enjoyed her latest, The Wolf Gift, so much.

I’m really enjoying it, and the differences between the book and the movie are always a nice surprise.

Full review to follow…


  1. Ooh, I envy you, reading it for the first time. I picked it up in the late ’80s, in Ireland, from the college library as I recall (!), and loved that book. Then I read all of her other stuff but stopped when she got to the Lasher/Witches stage.

    I remember that first book giving me chills. I’d never read anything like it.

    P.S. Your copy might actually be valuable now.

    • I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s been many years since I saw the movie, so it has been a “new” reading experience for me. I tried many years ago to read Witching Hour but I gave up. I just don’t think I was an experienced and mature enough reader to enjoy it back then. I plan to eventually try again.

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