366 of Me: Day 41

Good-bye Mr. iPad.

Yep, I sold it.  I’ve barely used it at all this year since J got a Kindle Fire for me for Christmas.  So, rather than let it sit, I decided to sell it.

He was fun last year, but takes a one way trip to his new home on Monday.

And for those who might wonder, I like the Kindle Fire more because it is smaller and not as heavy. For reading, the iPad was nice but always hurt my wrists after long periods of time.


  1. LOL, you posted about your iPod, so I ended up getting one of them and I absolutely love it and am still using it daily. Then I ended up buying a Kindle (yours actually). Next, my laptop crashed and I was looking for a replacement and remembered that you you really liked your iPad so now I have one of those. I suppose next year I will be getting a Kindle Fire. 🙂

  2. Hi Lori-

    The iPod isn’t going anywhere (yet). I still love mine. And I would have definitely kept the iPad had it not been for getting the Kindle Fire. I love the KF just because it’s smaller and feels better in one hand, even with its case. When I got to thinking about it, I knew I’d end up using the pad less and less. And since it was a first generation, I decided to sell it before the price really drops (iPad 3 is due out in a few weeks). Glad to hear you are enjoying yours though!

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