366 of Me: Day 37

Ahhh, the infamous nail people!

Yep, those are boobies.  Probably the only ones in the house too.

Another Pier 1 purchase.

These weird things each stand just over 2 feet tall and were “ethnic” art pieces which no store every knew what to do with.  They were often cluttered on the edge of a furniture display or on the bottom of a shelf where they eagerly awaited to go on clearance.

One day, when I finally started managing my own store, I made it a personal mission to dress these babies up and actually try to sell them.  I’m not talking about putting clothes on them either.

I stood a pair on a nightstand or wicker dresser along with a small potted fake greenery piece and put a large terra cotta platter in a stand behind them, creating a nice little vignette. It was so nice in fact, that customer’s would buy the whole set up – nail people, plant, and all!  A regional caught wind of it and started getting other stores to do it.  And the nail people started flying off the shelf!

But eventually they did go on clearance!

But by then, I loved the nail people so much I decided to buy a pair for myself.  They stand proudly on the floor in our living room.

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