January Coupon Recap

Well, I said I wasn’t going to be couponing as much as I did last year because the main focus for this year was to try to save more money.  True, clipping coupons helps you save money – but I tend to buy more things just because I have a coupon for them.  January had some interesting results on both sides of that equation in comparison to last year.

In 2011 I saved $132.25 in coupons.  However, I had also rolled the end of December 2010 into that total so I don’t have an exact number for January alone.

For 2012, I save $106.73 in coupons. This is January only.

That’s a difference of $25.52.  If I saved at least that much in December 2010, then I guess it’s safe to say my coupon savings were about the same for January 2011 and 2012.

In January 2011, I spent a total of $582.97 in groceries.  That’s after coupons.

For this year, I only spent $484.57.

That’s a difference of $98.40.

So, while I clipped less in coupons or about the same, I ended up spending less overall!

I can live with that.

And the good news is I did manage to put $60 into Savings! Rock on!

How about you?  Do you keep track of your coupons and savings?  What is your monthly or yearly goal for 2012?

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