Reading Recap For January

Back when I posted my 2012 New Years Resolutions, I know I said I wasn’t going to set a reading goal because I’m always reading a book regardless. But then I went ahead and accepted a reading challenge anyway over at GoodReads, committing to 50 books for the year.

Last night I knocked out my 8th book for the year.  I’m 4 books ahead of where I should be right now, which puts me at 16% for the year! Check out my progress here if you are interested.

True, two of these were novellas and one was a Kindle short story, so I’ve really only read 5 full-length novels, but I’m counting all of them anyway!

And here’s the link to where I keep track of my book reading over at Amazon.

So, what are you reading?  Do you keep track of books you’ve read for the year?  If so, what is your goal for the year and where do you stand?

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