It’s not stealing if it’s FREE…

That’s right!  I said FREE!

Starting today and running for 5 days, you can download my 2nd book, Stealing Wishes, onto your Amazon Kindle absolutely FREE!

Since it’s a bit of a romantic comedy, I thought it’d be a great way to kick off the arrival of February!  So today, through February 2nd, it’s all yours!

I wrote this book in just 3 months in 2007.  I entered it in the very first Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest that year, of which it was a semi-finalist.  Though it didn’t win, it did become a semi-finalist for a Lambda Literary Award the following year.  Didn’t win that either, but that’s okay.  It has been winning the hearts of many readers ever since.

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

Which is more important? The perfect cup of coffee or the perfect date? Why can’t we have both? Blaine is an Isherwood reading, photo taking, obsessive compulsive coffee barista who steals money out of public fountains and who can’t find a date. Obsessed with the number 32, his age, Blaine blames his lack of companionship as the reason for his habitual acts. Every day is timed and in sync to Blaine’s magic number!
When his best friend Sallie sets him up on a blind date, the overanxious caffeine slinger becomes convinced that the new man in his life will cure his compulsions. When Blaine discovers they have nothing in common, complications quickly ensue. Soon, Blaine’s artsy tattooed coworker, Auden, tells him about a local photography contest, and Blaine sets out to capture a winning snapshot. But just as Blaine thinks he has his illness conquered, his perfect unvarying world spirals out of control.

So, if you are in the mood for a light romantic comedy and a cup of coffee, download Stealing Wishes to your Kindle right now!  And I’d love to hear your feedback so consider posting a review of the book over at after you read it!


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