366 of Me: Day 26

This is my new favorite wine.  It’s a Muscato that J picked up at the grocery store.  It’s about $18 a bottle, a bit high for our tastes and in comparison to what we normally drink, but it’s well worth it.

I went to a wine tasting last night at All On The Same Page Bookstore.  I only had one glass and it was of a Chardonnay that a writer friend had brought.  It was quite good and was the first glass of Chardonnay I’d drank in years.  I tend to be more of a “sweet” wine person.

It reminded me though how much I actually do like Chardonnay, so I may be searching the grocery store for a good bottle of it sometime soon.

Years ago J and I threw a wine and cheese party for friends.  It was a huge success.  We’ve been in our house for six years now and have yet to throw one here.  I don’t know why.  Maybe this will be the year.