366 of Me: Day 16

My chest of drawers for socks, underwear, and tees.  It’s called Harlequin. Also from Pier One, purchased when I worked there in Memphis so I’ve had it at least 11 years if not more.  I have always liked its sleek look, being tall and slender. I have a matching mirror and half-moon hall table in the basement. It’s in great shape, with no scratches, considering how many times it’s been moved around.

70 Willow Street – Update

No chapter today.  Sorry.

I’ve decided to go bi-weekly on this project, cutting it down to only 2 chapters a month – one every other Monday.

I need time to devote to a larger writing project – my next novel – which I want to finish this year.  More about that later.

So, 70 Willow Street will return next Monday with a new chapter.

Thanks for reading!