Movie Review: Fright Night

While the original version is one of my favorite 80s vampire flicks, you have to appreciate this decent remake because it comes at a perfect time when what we needed from a vampire film today was a good “fright.” There are no lovable shiny vampires here!

Colin Farrell is awesome as the sexy, alluring, and dangerous Jerry. Anton Yelchin is perfect as the geeky hero Charley who gets the girl in the end. Toni Collette, from United States of Tara, does a great job as Charley’s mom. I loved seeing Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse as the friend, Ed. Fans will recognized him from movies Superbad and Role Models. He plays the same type of geek here as he often has, but gets to shine as a big bad vampire in the end. And fans of the original will certainly recognize Chris Sarandon from the original who makes a cameo appearance.

With its eerie music and “bump in the night” moments to set the tone and make you jump, the movie holds true to the original more than I expected. Special effects were decent and scary as well. Overall, it’s a fun teen flick that gives back what vampire films have definitely been missing this decade.

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