‘Cause Giving Feels Good – Part 2

I returned to the local Parish yesterday to drop off 8 bags of macaroni noodles I had promised them.  My father gets commodities each month and doesn’t use the noodles, so he gives them to me.  We had stacked up ten bags – more noodles than we’d use in a year – so I was glad to give up 8 bags to the parish for the families that will visit this weekend to pick up food for the holidays.

While there, I asked if they had candy for the kids.  They didn’t.  So, I made another trip to Big Lots and picked up six boxes.  Three boxes were 24 count Peppermint canes at just $2.00 a box.  Three boxes were fruit flavored candy canes, 1 doz. per box, and just $1.25 each.  9 dozen candy canes for just $9.75!

They had restocked the canned hams that we almost cleared out the night before, so I picked up another 4 hams at $2.90 each.

I spent $22.52 total with tax.

Then, I made a rush home after seeing they were collecting clothes as well. I cleared about a dozen long sleeved tops from the rack in the basement, things I haven’t worn in probably two years or more.  And also grabbed an old coat I haven’t worn in years either.

Not counting the cost of the clothes, we’ve given $101.52 in food to the parish this week. What about you?  What are you giving?

Come aboard and accept my $5 challenge for 2012 (see yesterday’s post) if you can and tell me about it!  There’s even still time to give this year!  Do it!

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