2012 Resolutions …

A few posts ago I did a 2011 Resolutions Revisited post.  I promised I’d list my new resolutions for 2012, so here’s what I have so far…

#1. Lose weight.  Yep, this is probably number one on everyone’s list. As you know, it was on last year’s list too.  I’ve lost 26 lbs so far for 2011 and have unfortunately hit that stopping point where I just can’t get anymore to fall off.  I haven’t had a weight loss since July 22nd.  Thankfully, I haven’t had a gain either though.  But next year’s goal is just 23 lbs!  That’s just under 2 lbs a month.  February 13th will be my one year anniversary that I started back to the gym.  I’d love to drop 5 lbs by then.

#2. Save money.  Again, another one on everyone’s list I’m sure, but next year is my year to focus on that.  My goal is to put $2,500 in savings before Black Friday 2012.  I never have any money during the holidays, so next year I’m going to change that.

#3. Pay off debt.  I’m probably sounding like a broken record, right?  Because this is probably on everyone’s list too.  But I’m going to put some focus here and blog about it a bit too.  And this will help with number two. More about it later as I set to work on it….credit cards, student loan, all that headache.

#4. Focus more on my bookstore review blog. I started the STL Bookstore Review site last year.  I even tried to get Heidi Glaus at KSDK interested to no avail.  My goal was to visit one store a month, but I fell short of that goal even though I did review 16 stores for the year total, three of which are now closed Borders stores.  That’s okay!  I’m going to try to double that number of stores next year which equals about 3 stores a month!

And that’s it (so far) for the year.  Notice there’s no couponing goal.  I’ve done that two years in a row.  2011’s goal was to try to best last year, but I came out even.  I also wanted to spend less on groceries, but went over this year. So with the focus on saving money, I’ll hopefully spend less.  I’m still going to coupon a bit to help with that, but I will be buying smarter and buying less in 2012. More about this in my next coupon recap post at the end of the year.

And no reading goal next year.  I read all the time, that’s a given.  I usually average 30 to 40 books a year.  I’ll still review books and keep track of what I read, but I’m not setting a goal for 2012.

No blogging goal either.  I blog all the time, and will complete my goal this year of posting something every day.  But, I’m not going to try that again next year, so my blog posts in 2012 will be a tad bit more random and definitely not every day.

And lastly, no writing goal.  I write every day.  That’s a given.  I don’t want to set a goal for next year because I don’t like the pressure.

And that’s it!  What are your goals so far for next year?

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