Q & A on Willow Street – Part 2

So what did you think of Chapter 3 and 4 of my serial novel 70 Willow Street?

I have to admit that Chapter 3 was fun to write.  It was fun to put the characters in an intense situation by having them go into Mr. Sook’s house.  I wanted to be detailed about Mr. Sook and what the inside of the house looked like, but I didn’t want to over do it because the intensity of what they were going to find was more important.

At the end of chapter 3, what did you think was in the cigar box?  I’ll give you a hint at a later chapter…there’s more than money in the box!  I actually quizzed a few people on what to they would do with the money in this scenario, which is why you see the lead character (who still remains nameless) questioning what they should do with it.

Chapter 4 was extremely hard to write and probably the first time I hit a stop while writing this story.  I didn’t want the story to get too wrapped up in legalities with the police and ambulance arriving, and the cops questioning, and a dead body.  Leave that to the mystery and crime writers who do it better. But I still needed to get my characters out of that situation somehow.  I guess you could say the characters backed me into a corner and I didn’t know where to go with them.  So, did I pull it off?  Was it believable?  Do you like where the story is going?

Chapter 5 which goes live on Monday was much easier to write once I had gotten everyone off Mr. Sook’s property, but I’m not done with Mr. Sook just yet.  And there are several new characters to look forward to which are all very important.

Keep reading!  And keep sending me your feedback or post it on the chapters as a comment.

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