2011 Resolutions Revisited

How are you 2011 resolutions shaping up? Here’s the link to mine which I posted on December 31st last year.

No. 1 was to get back in the gym!  Done!  I started back on February 13th and have lost 26 lbs to date.  These last few months have been rough, especially now that the holidays are here, and as you know from Wednesday’s post I’m still pushing myself to lose 10 more lbs by the end of the year.  I’m quite proud that I’ve stayed on track with this resolution this year.

No. 2 was to read 50 books. I’m at 33 books for pleasure reading.  Here’s the list. I said I was going to include them, but I didn’t count my LLBR review books because a lot of times I’m speed reading those. I’m definitely over 50 if I did count all of them.  I’ve also read a few kids books for reviews which I’m not counting either.  But, for the sake of this resolution, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.  If I counted EVERY book, then I met my goal.

No. 3 was to blog more.  Done!  I accepted a WordPress challenge this year to post something every day to my blog, and I’ve done just that!

No. 4 was actually part of No. 3.  Though I haven’t visited a store since October, my STL Bookstore Review is still going strong.

No. 5 was a pie challenge.  I wanted to try a new pie recipe each month. Sadly, this resolution died in April.  Oh well…. it probably would have hurt the weight loss goal anyway.  Nothing lost here.

No. 6 was couponing!  As you know if you read my blog, I definitely stayed loyal to this one. I haven’t reached my $1500 savings goal and I probably won’t, but I’m still happy with the results.  I’ve saved $1082.69 in coupons so far this year.  I’ll probably end the year at $1200 which is exactly where I was last year.

No. 7 was to save more money by spending less on groceries.  Uh oh!  I just added up my total for the year and right now I’m exactly $27 over what I spent last year.  With one month still to go, I’m definitely going to be over but at least it’s not by much.

So there you have it!  Not bad for 2011, huh?  So, what am I doing for 2012 you ask?  Check back later this year to find out.

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