Book Signing!

Don’t forget I’ll be signing copies of my book, Are You Sitting Down?, this Saturday at St. Louis’s newest bookstore, All On The Same Page.

This is my first signing for this book and I’m super excited about it because the book actually takes place at Christmas.  You wouldn’t know that by looking at book’s cover, would you?  I purposely chose a “non themed” cover for that very reason.  I didn’t want you to think this was a Christmas story at first glance.

And the book itself is not really ABOUT Christmas.  It’s about all the family drama that seems to come out and express itself at what better time than during the holidays!

If you already have my book, and I hope many of you do, still come on by and say hello and support this great bookstore!  Oh, and there will be cake!  Who doesn’t like cake?

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