Our Version Of Black Friday Shopping!

Neither of us have ever been into Black Friday Shopping.  First, I hate getting up early.  Second, I hate crowds, and mobs of crazy shoppers even more. All the stories of people being pepper sprayed, robbed, or shot at while out shopping on Friday turn me off even more.  Lastly, I never have any money by the time Black Friday rolls around.

For the past few years, it’s been our tradition to wait and go out later in the day.  We’ll make a few stops at various places we might want to go, but one place is Global Foods Market in Kirkwood. Yep, for the last three years we’ve hit an import grocery store on Black Friday.

Although it’s just down the road a few miles, we only go on Black Friday.  It’s a fun shopping experience that we enjoy, especially when it comes to looking at all the strange foods and trying to pronounce their names. But the trip wouldn’t be complete with buying some things.  Here’s just what we picked up…

Sesame Covered Peanuts

Three Boxes of Oolong Tea

1 box of Christmas Tea

1 Tin of loose leaf Oolong Tea

1 box of Ginger Tea  (yep, we love us some tea and the store has a huge selection)

Fresh Deli Meats – Roast Beef and Ham

Fresh Deli Cheeses

Pita Bread Pockets

Fresh Parmesan Cheese

A Jar of Artichoke Sauce  (We’re going to make dip with it and the cheese.)

Sour Cherry Jam


Jewish Deli Mustard

A Head of Lettuce (to go with everything else we got to make sandwiches)

Chili Sauce


2 Boxes of Tea Cookies

We probably spent a good hour or so in there just going up and down every aisle and ogling over everything. But it was a fun day as always.  After the grocery store, we stopped in at Marshalls and picked up a blanket we’d been wanting.  Then we headed home and made us a couple of sandwiches for lunch which were quite yummy.  That mustard was amazing!


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