Thanksgiving Shopping – Round 3

It’s Turkey Time!  I went turkey hunting for the best deal and I found one! Yep! Finally bought the turkey, and you won’t believe where!  Target! 

Yep, that’s right, Target!  We were shopping there last weekend and noticed Butterball Turkeys were on sale for just .97 cents a lb. I decided to do some price comparisons first before snatching up a turkey, but since the sale ends today (11/19/11), I’d have to work fast.

Schnucks had Butterball at $1.19 a lb.  It seems they were really pushing Honeysuckle which was their best deal. SnS was $1.18 a lb on Butterball, but would price match the competition on Honeysuckle.  So, Target was getting my business on Butterball this year.

I went there Thursday on lunch and found the Turkey freezer empty.  I was unable to find any employees in the grocery section to assist, so I marched through the stock room door and yelled out “Excuse me!”  Yep, I totally became one of those pain in the arse customers, but it worked.  Someone came right over and told me they were unpacking more turkeys right then.

I got a 19 lb Butterball for just $18.87!  Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

 I had a $3.00 coupon off Butterball if I bought 4 other Thanksgiving products which included Philsbury Canned Rolls, Heinz Gravy, and Stovetop.  I picked up to cans of Crescent Rolls at $1.99 each.  I had a .40 cent coupon off 2  for those.  I picked up one box of Stove Top and  one jar of Heinz Gravy – each on sale for .89 cents each.  No coupons, but I had already used coupons on these products earlier in the month.  This was just extra that we needed or will donate!

Before leaving, I noticed Post Cereal was on sale for just $2.74 each and I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes.  So I grabbed that and headed for the door because I was on my lunch break and still had to get the turkey home.

I spent $26.82 total – what I normally would have spent on the turkey alone! 

I saved $15.14 total.

$4.40 was from coupons, .10 cents was from bringing in my own bags (Don’t forget Target will give you .5 cents off for each of your own reusable bags you bring in!), and the rest was from the Turkey, Gravy, and Stuffing being on sale. 

I rushed home, got the turkey put in the fridge, and still had enough time to stop at Mickey D’s and celebrate with a McRib!  And I made it back to work on time!

Since this was a special trip, I’m counting all of this (coupon and sales) on my Thanksgiving total and on my coupon total for the year!

My Thanksgiving Savings total is now $53.60!  And I’ve still got a bit more shopping to do!  More to follow….

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