Thanksgiving Shopping – Round 2

Yesterday I posted about the start of my Thanksgiving shopping.  It continued on Thursday with my early trip to Shop N Save for $10 off $50 Thursday. 

Apparently everyone else had the same idea I did since it’s the week before Thanksgiving!  The store was definitely a bit more crowded at 7am than usual, but I was still able to get in and out in about 30 minutes – enough time to get home, put everything away, and leave for work by 8am. I’m not Superman; I just happen to live less than a mile from the grocery store!

On these days at SnS, my plan is always to buy only $50 worth and try to limit myself to only items that I have a coupon for as well.  Here are a few of the Thanksgiving items that I picked up, all on sale, which I also had coupons for:

Aluminum Foil $2.98 (.50 cent coupon)
Turkey Ove Bags $2.00 (.50 cent coupon)
Libby’s Green Beans .67 cents each ($1.00 coupon off 4 cans)
Campbell’s Mushroom Soup .75 cents each (.25 cents coupon off 4 cans)
Swanson Broth .58 cents each (.50 cents coupon off 4 cans)
Pam Cooking Spray $2.50 (.75 cents coupon)
Keebler Pie Crusts $1.50 each ($1.00 coupon off 3)
King’s Hawaiian Rolls $2.50 each ($1.00 coupon off 2)
Country Crock Mashed Potatos $2.98 each ($1.00 coupon off 2)

I also picked up 16 Yoplait Yogurts at .64 cents each and 2 coupons for a total of $1.40 off.

Along with this a just a few other non-sale items which I didn’t have coupons for, I spent $40.80 total.  I saved the $10.00 off $50, had $7.00 total in coupons, and saved an additional $13.23 from sale items for a total of $30.23 saved. I don’t usually count the sale portion in my coupon total for the year, but I will be adding the other $17.00 to it!

This brings my Thanksgiving savings to a total of $38.46 though!

No turkey you ask?  Don’t fret.  I will tell you tomorrow where the turkey is coming from and who has the best deal!

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