Starts Tomorrow At My Blog Near You…

 A coworker recently asked me if I would be writing my own paranormal, ghost, or horror novel anytime soon since I’ve been reading so much King and Koontz for the past five months.  And the answer to that was yes!  I have certainly been inspired.

Offline I’ve been working on a historical fiction novel which does have a ghost as a character, but I’ve been working on that novel for the past six years.  You’ve probably read about it as I’ve mentioned it here on the blog several times over its course. So, it doesn’t count, although with everything that I’ve read lately, it’s definitely helped me to improve the story in both historical and paranormal aspects.

Last week I was inspired by an odd family of sorts that sat next to us in a Bob Evans restaurant at lunch.  There was a story there that I wanted to jot down which came to me before we’d even finished lunch.  Later that week, I found inspiration in another story about a house for sell at 70 Willow Street in Brooklyn, New York – the home of my beloved favorite author, the late Truman Capote. Somewhere in my brain, the two inspirations collided and this idea was born.

I have no idea where it’s going, although I have a pretty good idea how to get there.  But rather than blog about it, I’ve decided to experiment by writing it right here on my blog and posting it chapter by chapter.  It’ll give me something to do to keep the blog active -both writing it and writing about it.  And it’ll give my readers something to hopefully look forward to.  So, I present to you my own paranormal novel: 70 Willow Street.

It’ll be a writing experiment of sorts.  You can tell me what you like and what you don’t like as we go along.  Who knows?  I might even take requests and write your ideas into the story lines if this gets enough attention.  But…it’s completely free so I do hope you at least enjoy reading it and being a part of it. Plenty of authors have offered free stories on their sites before, and have probably made them interactive in some way.  How I hope to be different is by discussing this process and the story as I go along.  We’ll see what happens…

The first chapter goes live tomorrow!  Enjoy!  And please feel free to share your feedback.

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