The Urban Gardener: Good-bye Garden, Hello Winter

While I was out photographing some of the plants for these last posts in my Urban Gardener feature here on my blog, I looked across the yard and couldn’t resist this photo of one of our garden statues.  It appears to be a mother and child, but could very well be a a young androgynous couple. Either way, they have an interesting story.

J and I lived in an apartment from 2003 to 2006 before we bought the house.  One day, he found this small two foot statue out by the dumpster.  Nothing was wrong with them (that we knew of or could see), so they became a floor decoration in our living room until we moved.

In the new back yard, they took up residence in one of the flower beds and have been moved around a bit and even sat on the retaining wall to block the dogs from jumping up on it to get at the neighbor’s dog. We never bring them in during the winter.  They’ve weathered well and seem to enjoy it among the hosta.

I took this photo because they still cling to each other in love or devotion as the seasons pass.  Notice the hosta chopped down behind them. Certainly a symbol that love will surpass everything that changes around them.  Or something like that.

I love my garden and the Fall and Winter can be a bit depressing as I have to see it fade and change.  It’s the first thing I look forward to when the leaves start growing again.  Rebirth.  Renew.  Rejuvenate.

And the couple in the backyard embracing each other to keep warm in the winter, or a loving hug to see the ground grow green again announcing Spring is here.

See you next year!



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