The Urban Gardener: Pampas Grass

The pampas grass with zebra stripes is one of the very first plants we invested in when we bought the house five years ago. We bought three bunches and planted them along the front of the deck to block the open side.  The grass grew well over six feet tall and probably at least four feet wide.  We eventually dug up two of the bunches about a year ago and transplanted them to other parts of the yard.  We even split one of them in two.

This year there was still one large bunch by the deck until we tore the deck down.  We dug it up a few months ago and transplanted it to another part of the yard.

The grass is very large and pretty and makes a nice tall foundation to the beds and gives the back yard height. As you can see from the picture, by Fall it shoots out fuzzy plums at the top, a definite sign that summer is over.

We don’t usually cut the grass back in the winter.  We let it die off and the tall brown grass looks like wheat and makes a nice whispery sound when the wind blows through it.  It’s a pain to have to cut back and dispose of come early Spring though.  The grass blades are sharp and will cut your hands if you handle it without gloves.

We like ornamental grasses that come back every year and need little attention.  We have a different smaller kind planted on each side of the front porch.

Well, only one more post before the Urban Gardening season comes to a close here on my blog.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.


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