Book Review: Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

After reading the first Odd Thomas book and wanting to like it so much, but not really being impressed and finding it hard to warm up to Odd as a character, I still decided to give him another try with Forever Odd.

Sadly, it only gets worse which makes me think Koontz is not so good with sequels after finishing all 5 of the Frankenstien books which he wrote after the Odd Thomas books. I’m seeing the same patterns here with the series starting off pretty good but losing steam fast by the second book.

In Forever Odd, he’s out to save a dear friend who has a fragile bone disease much like the Elephant Man, some kid close to his age who we never met in the first book. Instead of getting authorities involved, Odd sets out to do it all on his own by using his psychic magnetism to lead him through underground tunnels to an old abandoned indian casino wrecked by quake and a fire where the friend is being held hostage by a crazy sex phone operator and her zombie-like mute body guards.

Unfortunately, Odd’s journey through these tunnels and through the ducts of the casino take up well over half of this book! I seriously began to wonder if Koontz had come across some old blue prints of the archictecture of a casino and was so mesmorized by them that he just had to include them in a book. I now know more about elevator shafts, drain pipes, storage closets, copper piping, and crawl spaces than I ever thought I’d want to know!

I think his intention was to build suspense, but all it did was bore this reader to death. And by the time the good suspenseful parts did come around, they weren’t all that good or didn’t last long. I would like to finish reading the series, but will definitely be taking a break from it for a while.

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