October Coupon Recap

October was a great month for coupons for me and really helped increase my yearly total.  I expect next month will be even higher thanks to all the Thanksgiving related coupons that will be in the papers the next few Sundays.  You might remember that Thanksgiving shopping is what got me started couponing a few years ago.

For now, here’s a recap of what I saved in October:

Walgreens: $74.32

Yep, took a huge advantage of lots of coupons and specials at Walgreens this month.  I saved $54 of that alone this week from buying candy and stocking up on laundry supplies!  Honestly, I probably don’t need laundry detergent for another 3 months thanks to these deals.

Shop N Save: $27.52

Nothing special here or out of the norm. Shop N Save was leading for the year with the most saved there, but Walgreens is quickly catching up.

Gas: $1.99

Those .9 cents off per gallon coupons at SNS really help!  I’ve saved almost $14.00 in gas for the year!

Wal-Mart: $4.90

Haven’t shopped at Wal-Mart in months, but decided to buy groceries there a few weeks ago when the family came in town to visit.

PetSmart: $12.00

Loved this bargain this month.  I had a coupon for $8 off the 30 lb bag of dog food (which is normally $40), and with my PetSmart card I saved an additional $4.00.

Restaurants: $13.07

$3.07 of this is from those Money Mailers you get in the mail, and $10.00 was a free gift card to Chilis that we had earned.

That brings October’s total to $133.80!  I hope to reach $150 in November!

And my total for the year is $942.22!  That’s just $257.80 shy of my goal for the year of $1200.00.

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