The First 100 Pages: Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

Having finished The Leaving and Intensity this month, as I said a few days ago, I have two weeks left to read something before the mega monster 900+ page King 11/22/63 book arrives on my door step on November 8th.  So, what did I decide to squeeze in?

You guessed it!  Another Koontz book.  This time it’s Forever Odd, the second in the Odd Thomas series.  I figured it would be a quick read, and two days into it, I’m already at 134 pages out of 364 as of scheduling this post Tuesday night.  So, I will definitely have it finished in time.

This book is pretty much the same as the first so far in that Odd finds himself having to solve a crime and the reader is given just as little detail as Odd has, having to discover clues along the way with Odd.  Crying Elvis is there, the police chief, the grille owner, the fat author and Chester the cat – all characters from the first book.

After having such a difficulty warming up to Odd in the first book, despite really wanting to like the book, this is a much smoother read for me but it’s a bit like moving chess pieces around a board.  We’re just following Odd around town as he takes us along for the ride.  It’s not very multidimensional as far as characterization or plot goes.

This being my 9th Koontz book I’ve read since July, I’m looking forward to the break next month.  Full review to follow…

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