My BHFE! Best Horror Films Ever

So time is running out to get your heart beat racing and the blood in your veins pumping overtime!  Halloween is just 5 days away and by this time of year, I am always looking forward to scary movies on television but usually end up watching ghost story reruns on the Travel Channel or the ten millionth episodes of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and whatever other ghost hunter has a “reality” show on TV these days.

Back in the day, I loved a Halloween weekend sleepover with a couple of friends which included a trip to the movie rental store where we picked out a few movies we’d never seen before.  I remember a certain one called Sleepaway Camp that still disturbs me when I think about it to this day.

When I was older and spending Halloween at home alone passing out candy, I’d watch reruns of Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th.  I still remember how good those Freddie movies were, especially part 2 or 3 with the wayward kids in that home.  Freddie using that one kid’s veins to walk him down the hall like a puppet was just creepy!

I loved all the Psycho films too, except for the remake with Vince Vaughn.  One of my favorites is the prequel where Norman is on the phone with the talk radio show host throughout most of the film.  Speaking of Hitchcock, let’s not forget The Birds or Rebecca.  I’ve seen Rebecca only once.  It never comes on TV anymore!!  It’s been on my mind all this month and I’m tempted to just break down and buy it already.  J has never seen it.  It’s such a classic!

Let’s not forget all the great Stephen King films – Pet Sematary, It, The Shining, Carrie, Cujo, Creepshow.  I watched Pet Sematary again just a few weeks ago when I caught in on TV.  It’s not a very good film as far as the acting goes, but was definitely scary.  Gage, after he comes back from the grave, killing Herman Munster with Daddy’s scalpel was definitely scary!

These days “scary” films that grab my attention are more mental and less horror.  I care less for films like Saw and Hostel and the remakes of  Texas Chainsaw that showcase all the blood and gore.  Give me a good thriller like Six Sense, The Grudge, Let the Right One End, or The Ring anyday. That dead girl crawling out of the TV set was wicked the first time I saw it.  But that’s the bad thing about these films sometimes…see them once and all the mystique is gone after that.  We know how it ends and can never really have that thrill again.  But…that’s the sign of a good film, is it not?  And let’s not forget that even The Grudge, Let The Right One, and The Ring were remakes of foreign films.

I don’t consider them horror either but Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon are still two of my top two thrillers of all time. As far as something a big darker, I love all of the Underworld films and can’t wait for the new one next year.

So what do you prefer?  Do you like your Halloween flicks with a bit of monster and mayhem or more blood and guts and stuff?


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