Book Review: The Witch and The Wizard by Lynn C. Douglas, illustrated by Linda R. Zappe

Lots of us like to be scared on Halloween.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good fright?  But sometimes kids might become afraid of Halloween or trick-or-treating with all the monsters and goblins roaming about.  That’s why Lynn C. Douglas has written a book for kids about Halloween that celebrates the holiday in style, with not too many ghosts and spooks roaming about.  The fun black and white illustrations were drawn by Linda R. Zappe.

The title of the book is The Witch and The Wizard. A group of friends and their cousins love to dress up on Halloween.  But two years ago, a neighbor named Mr. Nelson dared their mother to decorate the yard to see who could be the scariest.  Then, it became a costume contest and Mr. Nelson transformed into a scary wizard while their mother, Melissa, became a witch.  The girls are afraid the evil wizard is taking all their joyful fun out of Halloween, but he will not call off the dare.

The group of friends seek out the wisdom of a “real” witch named Mrs. Parness.  Mrs. Parness is not an evil old green faced witch, and she gives the girls a potion to cast a spell over the wizard’s house.  With them help of Mrs. Parness and her cat named Jack, the spell is casts and the friends may just get to enjoy Halloween after all without having to worry about the wizard.

I thought The Witch and The Wizard was a great little book for teaching kids that they can enjoy Halloween without having to be scared. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Zappe at a book signing where I talked to them about the book.  Mrs. Zappe created the wonderful illustrations in just a few months. Mrs. Douglas also took a few months to write the story, in which she wanted to focus on a story especially for children which wasn’t too scary and which celebrated make-believe.  And she’s done just that!

At 44 pages of story with large font, the book is a quick read which can be enjoyed in one setting or spread over several nights of bed time story.  The full page illustrations are scattered throughout, and include a photo album page in the front of the book of all of the characters.

Check out the publisher’s website for a copy of The Witch and The Wizard or contact All on the Same Page Bookstore possibly for a signed copy.

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