The First 100 Pages: Intensity by Dean Koontz

Yep!  Started another Koontz book this month thanks to my online reading group, Koontzlanders over at GoodReads.  Intensity was their pick for October, and due to reading two books at the same time I’m just now 100 pages into it.

Intensity is the story of Chyna, a college girl whose had a rough childhood with pretty wild parents.  She goes to spend the weekend with a friend and her family when a serial killer breaks in during the night and murders everyone but Chyna. Believing her friend might still be alive, Chyna stows away on the killer’s RV as he sets off down the road to return to his home.

When the killer stops at a gas station and murders the two attendants, Chyna has the chance to escape.  But, she’s learned he is holding a young girl captive.  So, she sets off after him in one of the dead attendant’s cars.

The “intensity” comes from the fact that the killer remains completely unaware of Chyna.  She’s hiding in the RV bedroom.  She hides under the RV while he’s pumping gas.  She hides at the end of one of the aisles in the gas station while he shoots the workers.   I find Chyna interesting as far as when Koontz dwells into Chyna’s messed up childhood attempting to give her some depth, but otherwise, I really have no connection with her.

Koontz’s serial killer, Edgler Foreman Vess, is a bit flat too.  Let’s face it, Harris created the God of serial killers with Hannibal Lecter in 1988. Intensity came out in 1996, so while Vess is scary and has his crazy traits – he likes to spell things using the letters of his name, god, fear, rage…probably the reason Koontz gave him such an anagramable name – he’s still not all that bizarre and twisted as some of the bad guys I’ve seen in Koontz’s later writing.  Koontz definitely got better.

This is also a short book, just over 300 pages.  So I hate that it’s taking me so long to finish it.

A full review to follow when I do!

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