Another Outstanding Review for AYSD?

Robin Tidwell, fellow book lover and local bookstore owner, just finished reading my book, Are You Sitting Down?.  She posted a very sincere review of it over at the local Creve Coeur Patch website.

I had the pleasure of meeting Robin on opening day of her bookstore, All On The Same Page, two weeks ago.  I visited the store and reviewed it for my bookstore blog, STL Bookstore Review.  

Thank you, Robin! 

Here’s a bit from her review:

The dialog in this novel is outstanding, very natural and compelling. The twists and turns keep the reader flipping page after page, waiting and wanting to learn more.

Highly recommended, “Are You Sitting Down?” is an interesting and thought-provoking book, as well as being very entertaining. The only question that remains is this: when will we see a sequel?

I hate to disappoint, but at this point in my life there are no plans to write a sequel to this book. I have only briefly considered writing a sequel to my first book, The Other Side of What, but have not penned a single word of it.  I’ve only toyed with the characters in my mind enough to know that I think I could probably revisit them and give their storylines a new turn.

As for now, I’ve turned my attention back to my historical fiction novel which I’ve been writing on and off for well over six years now.  I’ve decided it’s time to finish it.  More about that later!

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