Are You Sitting Down? Gets Another 5 Star Review

Yesterday was a great day for me!  Author Gabriella West emailed me to inform she’d posted a 5 star review of Are You Sitting Down? over at Amazon. She called it “a novel of unusual depth.”

Here are some of my other favorite parts:

Yarbrough does death scenes in an unusual and interesting way. They are strangely intimate, as we see the thoughts of the dying person as they fade out of the world. Their thoughts are for their loved one, but the implication is that they are being freed from something messy and sad.

“Are You Sitting Down?” deals with themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and a journey to wholeness, but Yarbrough’s writing makes clear that death is always just around the corner and that despite the hope of family togetherness, each of us is stumbling through life alone dealing with our past and our secrets.

To deal with love, death AND evil… this novel takes on a lot, posing destabilizing questions about reality at every turn.

Here is a quote that seems to sum up the spirit of the novel. It comes as the Whites’ youngest daughter, Clare, is thinking about what she found when she looked through her father’s desk after he died. “Sometimes we yearn for the truth that we think is hidden from us. It’s only when we find the truth we’ve been looking for that we often wish we didn’t know after all, and then we see why it was kept from us in the first place.”

You can read the full review here.

I love new reviews for several reasons.  Not only do they give you a sense of pride, but they also give you feedback.  Gabriella pointed out some key points that I had not really considered before, about death being intimate in the book.  While that wasn’t fully intentional, I do like that aspect of it and can see it more clearly now that I think back to that opening scene with Frank and Lorraine. I told Gabriella in an email yesterday that Frank’s death chapter was an afterthought.  It was not added to the book until much later.

I also like how Gabriella summed up the book with the quote from Clare.  That’s definitely a perfect theme for the book. Some closets, when it comes to skeletons anyway, are definitely better left closed.

As you may remember from a post of mine a few days ago, I’m currently reading Gabriella’s book, The Leaving.

Review to follow soon, but I’m finding the book to be just as engaging.  Thank you Gabriella for your review, and you can most certainly expect an outstanding one from me.

I’m even enjoying it so much that I stopped reading another book to give The Leaving my full attention instead.

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