Two Book Madness

This past Sunday I started reading two books, yep, two books.  This usually doesn’t turn out well for one or the other.

After finishing Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas, I made myself take a break from Thomas.  I hate to admit it, but I’ve never read an Anne Rice book from start to finish.  So, I picked up Cry to Heaven.  Only because I don’t own either of the first books to her Vampire or Witch series (though I will sooner or later).  As you know from the page devoted to her on my blog (at the top there), I’m collecting her books in hard cover. While my copy of Cry to Heaven is actually a large trade paperback, I picked it up and began reading.  So far I’m about 50 pages in.  There are two distinct story lines and so far, I’m liking one better than the other.  I’ll report back more on it once I’ve reached my 100 page mark.

On my iPad, I also started reading a book called The Leaving by Gabriella West.  Ms. West emailed me several weeks ago answering a request I had posted in a forum asking for readers to read and review my latest book.  I gladly sent her a coupon to get the Ebook for free.  I then noticed in Ms. West’s signature that she was also a writer and so I have her site a visit.  Her book, The Leaving, intrigued me so I asked her if she’d like to swap.  She agreed.  And as other reviewers have stated in their reviews of The Leaving, I can’t put it down.

It’s actually a very simple story about a high school girl living in Dublin during the 80s.  She has a high school crush on a boy in her English class, but her boy is more interested in the girl’s brother.  It’s a “day in the life of ” coming of age story, but Ms. West’s writing draws you into the little story and has you angry on one page and almost to tears on the next.  If you were ever the outcast in high school or not part of the in-crowd, then Ms. West has written your memoir.  And she can expect a glowing review from me.  Again, more about this later.  I’ll save the rest for another blog post.

So, yeah, I’m reading two books and I know better.  But I’m enjoying both of them, and managing to keep their characters and story lines separate, tremendously.

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