September Coupon Recap

September wasn’t a bad month for me as far as couponing goes.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how much I saved:

Walgreens $45.22

Haircut $3.00

Shop N Save $22.05

Gas $2.51

Jiffy Lube $20.00

Off The Grill $2.00

That’s a total of $94.78 for September and brings my yearly total to $808.42.

The Jiffy Lube early bird special really helped out this month, and I was surprised I did more at Walgreens than the grocery store this time.  But, I have started counting Walgreens savings from sales – not just my coupons – because a lot of the savings from sales combined with my coupons really drives the price down.

I don’t know if I’m going to reach my goal of $1200 by year end.  Even if I average $100 per month in savings for the next three months, I’m still $100 short.  But there will be extra shopping to do for Thanksgiving so that should help out a bit.

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