The Urban Gardener: If you see my porch, mums the word!

I couldn’t resist a few mums on Sunday at the farmers market when I went to get some red apples.  They were $2.99 each so I bought six of them for the small planters on my front porch.  I plan on getting two larger mums for the two larger planters to complete the fall ensemble for the front porch.  Medium sized pumpkins were just $2.99 also so I picked up two of those.  Next thing you know, I had put out the ghosts and tombstones in the yard as well.

I love autumn!

Mums supposedly come back every year, but I never get them planted in the ground quick enough.  I’ve always had them in pots and the frost usually gets to them before I can think about transplanting them.  A friend once told me that if you do put them in the ground, they can bloom in the spring if you want them to but if you don’t want them to bloom early, you should cut the blooms off  before they open, allowing them to sprout later.  Maybe I’ll give that a try with some of these before it gets too cold.

Anyone else have any luck with mums planted in your beds?

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