The Urban Gardener: Allium Graceful

I didn’t get the alliums planted on Sunday like I had originally planned. Since I was potting those mums for the front porch and making soup in the crock and other things around the house, I ran out of time.  I’m still undecided on where to put them anyway.  It needs to be some place where they will have the most impact. And I’m definitely thinking about two clusters of them.  My purple alliums are spaced out throughout the beds, and I think now they’d look better in clumps.

I’m excited about this one and hope it does well next spring because it is white.  We don’t have a lot of white flowers although we did plant some Shasta Daisies this year.  I also have a white iris that I planted last October, but it did not bloom this year at all.

There are 10 bulbs total, so I’m thinking about two clumps of 5 either in the front or the kidney shaped bed in the middle of the back yard.  Oh well, I’ll get them in the ground sometime this week.

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