Midweek Premiere Week! Who’s watching what?

We’ve seen them advertised all summer long and finally FINALLY the premieres of all the shows and sitcoms kicked off this week!  So what are you watching?

Monday night we said good-bye to Hell’s Kitchen and hello to 2 Broke Girls.  Loved it!  Despite the humor being a bit risky for its time slow, I knew they were piggy backing on Ashton Kutcher’s debut on the new Two and Half Men in hopes that a younger crowd tuning in to see him would stick around to watch 2 Broke Girls.  And I hoped they did because we thought it was great.

We usually end our Mondays with The Big C and Weeds on cable but missed them on Monday.  Oh well, we’ll catch a rerun of Big C on Thursday night.  That will be wrapping up soon anyway, which means our Sunday night line up (now that True Blood is over too) will switch to Dexter and Hung in a few weeks.

Last night was the kick-off of the new season of Glee.  I wasn’t impressed.  As you may know, half the cast are seniors this year and leaving the show anyway. They made that perfectly clear in the beginning. Sue’s determination to get rid of Glee continues (yawn). Quinn is a skank. Emma and Schuester are sleeping together. Puck’s big girlfriend is gone.  Pouty lipped blond boy moved away. Santana got kicked out for playing both sides. Blaine left the Warblers to be with Kurt.  Hey everybody…time to sing!  Let’s do the Go’s Go’s.  I have to admit that other than Quinn dying her hair and becoming a rebel, I was bored to tears.

But The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel came on right afterwards and lifted my spirits.  Most of this show had been revealed in the numerous ads that had been running since American Idol, so like me, you probably already knew most of the punchlines.  It was still a great, light, and funny show and I look forward to seeing what comes next now that the premiere is out of the way.

This was followed by the new season of Raising Hope.  Hope is growing up fast and didn’t play a big part in this first show.  It was more about Jimmy and how he used to be a piano playing singing prodigy, talent he lost when a golf club hit him in the head.  Still a great show that makes me laugh out loud every time.

Other than Survivor which started last week and The Singoff this week, there aren’t really any new reality shows we are into.  And we don’t really mind missing Survivor.  It’s had it’s run.

I am looking forward to The Big Bang Theory tomorrow night! Along with the second show of The Secret Circle on CW.

Tonight on SyFy there’s a new show called Paranormal Witness that just debuted last week.  Did you watch?  If you love all those ghost hunting shows, check this show out.  It was very different, very chilling, and worth watching.

So besides Dancing With the Stars, which I have no interest in whatsoever, what are you watching?


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