The Butterworth Cemetery, Dyer County, 2011

I had the privilege of visiting what is known as The Butterworth Cemetery this past weekend while seeing my family in Dyersburg.  My father had spoken of an old cemetery hidden in a grove of trees near his home.  I had always wanted to visit but most of the time it was too wet.  This weekend was perfect so he took me back there to see it.  The cemetery sits about a half mile off the road and halfway through a corn field, near the edge where a grove of trees extends out from the property line.

I was shocked to find every stone there had been turned over, obviously vandalized.  I took the photos above, recording what stones I could read which were lying face up.  Then, I went home and started researching.  It didn’t take long before I came across the TN Roots website which confirmed this as the Butterworth Cemetery.  That’s what I had first searched for since most of the names I read were Butterworth.  The site has photos of the cemetery from 2006 when they were still standing, and a record of all that are buried there.

I printed this information and gave it to my father who was well pleased to receive it.  He plans to share it with some of his neighbors who also know about the cemetery.  It broke my heart to know the place was forgotten and had been vandalized, but after viewing many of the other cemeteries recorded on this site, it seems that a lot of the old family plots in that area have suffered the same fate.  I wish there was more that I could do.



  1. I never knew about this cemetery! I would love to see it. I wish there was some way that people could restore it. I’m sure it could be done, but I have no idea about any of that. I love old cemeteries, and it breaks my heart when any resting places are vandalized. I had a relative’s stone broken one time and if I remember correctly, it cost a lot of money! This on top of loosing the loved one is just horrible. 😦

  2. This is sort of a long shot since this piece was written a few years ago but worth a try I guess. Do you have any more information or pictures? This is my family’s cemetery from, (obviously) several generations ago. I’ve always wanted to see it. Is it accessible at all? If anyone has any answers thanks in advance.

    • Hi Erin-

      Thanks for the inquiry. All of my pictures are in this post. And yes, the cemetery is accessible. I have not been back to it since that day, but I still travel to Dyersburg to visit family on a regular basis and drive by its location. You cannot see it from the road. You will have to park and walk through a field to get to it if you decide to go.


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