Canning…Err, Freezing Corn

Two Saturdays ago (9/10) we bought a dozen ears of corn at a local Farmer’s Market. I spent that Sunday shucking the corn and preparing it for the freezer.  It’s actually a very simple process once you have shucked the corn and cut it off the cob.  You put it on the stove on low heat and add just a small amount of water.  I added about half a cup of water to this batch from 12 ears.  Stir it until heated through, almost until it comes to a slow boil.  Then, you bag it and put it in the freezer.  Done!

I ended up with six half quart bags of corn.  If you filled the bags completely, you’d probably have 3 full quarts.  I bag smaller portions since there are only two of us.  We usually use this corn for soups or stews in the winter.  I just wish we had more freezer space to be able to store away more.

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