The Secret Circle

So who watched the new CW series The Secret Circle this past Thursday?

It’s the story of a girl named Cassie who moves to a new town (New Salem?) to live with her Grandmother after her mother is killed in an “accident.”  There, she meets an odd group of kids who all have their eyes on her because unbeknownst to Cassie, she’s a witch and by moving their she completes a secret circle of witches amongst the teens making them more powerful.

It actually wasn’t too bad.  While there wasn’t much witch crafting going on, you’ve got an equal part of shiny pretty boy and teen mag cover model to make all the girls swoon with lust or jealousy. Also, the viewers were let in on a few secrets that the teens don’t know about.  Like Diana, the leader, whose father (Gale Harold from Queer as Folk) was responsible for the death of Cassie’s mother by setting her house on fire.  This was to get Cassie to move to town because she’s needed for something much bigger.

Other storylines include a bad girl, of course. Her name is Faye and she doesn’t always like to do what Diana says or play by the rules.  Then there’s pretty boy Adam and his drunk father who was obsessed with Cassie’s mother and said their fate was in the stars.  Faye’s mother is the high school principle and her Cassie’s grandmother meets up with her to reveal she thinks the kids might “be practicing” after Faye sets Cassie’s car on fire to try to flush out her powers.

The incomplete circle eventually reveals to Cassie what she is and that she completes the circle but she refuses to believe them until she stops a storm started by Faye after Faye losing control and almost kills Diana with lightning.

The previews for next week’s episode show a lot more spells being cast.  Viewers might not know it but the series is actually based on a series of books by L. J. Smith.  Good for CW for reaching out to yet another novelist to keeps kids glued to the TV following their success of Vampire Diaries.  I don’t mean that to sound bad at all though, because with that kids also usually pick up the books too. While I have no interest in reading these books, I will continue to watch The Secret Circle on CW.


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