The First 100 Pages ~ Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz

Yes.  I’m reading another Dean Koontz book.  Pouring through What the Night Knows in July and then averaging a book a week all through August reading his Frankenstein series wasn’t enough for me.  I’m now reading Twilight Eyes.  It wasn’t my choice for the next book I’d read, but I picked it up because (don’t make fun!)  I joined an online fan club called Koontzland over at Twilight Eyes is their read for September.  So, I decided to join in the fun.  I expected this to be yet another fast fun read that I could polish up in a week, but I was wrong. I’ve been reading it for a week now and I’m only at page 150 of 450.  It’s been a stressful week at work which has killed some of my reading time, but overall this is a nice slower paced engrossing read.

Newer Edition with an Afterword from DeanTwilight Eyes is the story of Slim Mackenzie.  Slim has psychic powers, mainly the ability to see demons living inside of other people which he calls goblins.  He’s on the run because he killed his uncle who was a goblin.  He soon takes refuge in a traveling carnival where he lands a job and a girlfriend.  But on his first night, he kills another goblin whose body goes missing before he can hide it himself. Slim suspects that someone in the carnival has the same ability to see goblins like he does.

The writing is much more in-depth and solid in this book.  I’ve heard that a lot of Koontz’s older work is much better this way.  I’ve read that Koontz actually wrote the first part and released it in the late 80s, but later re-released it with the second part of the story.  And some believe the 2nd part is not as good.  I guess we’ll see.  My copy is actually an older edition of the complete book (not pictured).

Slim falls into a relationship with his gorgeous boss, Rya.  There are several descriptions of their love making which I thought were very well written without being overly erotic.  But most of all, I’m enjoying the carnival setting – the freakshow, the games, the shows, the dwarfs, the midway – Dean’s writing definitely gives it service and its what’s driving the book for me so far.

I have jury duty next week and am allowed to bring a book, so I’m hoping to wrap this one up next week. Full review to follow! And no, I won’t be following it with another Koontz book.  I’ve already got something else lined up.

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