30 Day Book Challenge – Day 12

Day 12: Book That is Most Like Your Life

Okay, this isn’t a shameless plug.  I’ve been contemplating several books – and there have been many – that I’ve read and I always say “OMG!  That’s me!” when I’m reading it.  But I didn’t want to be sappy or bittersweet.  And so I chose my own book, Stealing Wishes.

There’s an old saying that says you should write what you know.  Well, SW certainly isn’t my biography, but there is indeed a lot of me in there. Besides the obvious traits that I have in common with Blaine – photography, reading, dating, coffee – there are other subtleties throughout the book that either really happened to me or are based on real events.

When I wrote this book in 2007, I was originally working on something else.  While driving to work one day that summer, I began to think about one single idea: a man obsessing over a date so bad that he gives himself OCD and spirals out of control from it.  I went home later and started writing what would become this book – and I wrote it straight through from start to finish in 3 months time.  So, there was a book in me that needed to come out and I didn’t even know it. Just one more way this book is a part of me.

We all have OCD tendencies of some kind, myself included – not to the extent as Blaine in the book. His obsessiveness over the number 32 comes from my age at the time I wrote the book. But the main thing I have in common with Blaine is (was) his desire to just have a nice date and fall in love.  Back in the day, I wanted nothing more than the perfect relationship.  So much so that I moved away from Memphis to find it.  Only to discover they don’t exist!

Like the end of the book, when Auden teaches Blaine to just enjoy the moment with someone, I’ve come to appreciate those relationships or dates or one night flings that crossed my path years ago.  I only wish I had had more patience back then and the ability to slow down and enjoy life rather than having the urge to set up house.  But I was young and not as mature in life as I am now.  Like home, you can’t go back again.

Sorry…sounds like this one turned out to be sappy and bittersweet anyway.

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