30 Day Book Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 – Book That Scares You

The Hannibal Lecter series still remains one of my favorites today.  I almost listed Silence of the Lambs as the book I can quote from, but I think most of my quotes I remember are from the movie, which is still one of my favorite movies too!

When the long awaited sequel came out, Hannibal, I bought it on its release day and immediately began reading it.  By now, most of you have probably seen the movie, which does not give the book justice.  The book is so frightening that people couldn’t believe how it ended, which is probably why it got such horrible ratings.  Hollywood even avoided the ending in the book and changed it – probably for that very reason.  You will never believe it and I’m not about to tell you here!

Hannibal Lecter is scary to begin with, much thanks to Anthony Hopkins. But as far as the book goes, you really get more of his psyche.  He’s one twisted fuck! And there’s not just him, but the deformed Mason Verger and his clan, including his lesbian sister (who was not in the movie)!  I’ve read the first three in the series, and have been well pleased.  They are good engrossing reads that are just unbelievable.  Sadly, I couldn’t get into the last one, the prequel called Hannibal Rising.  I read half and put it down.  Maybe some day I’ll pick it up again.

But as far as the book that scares me the most, Hannibal would have to be it. But it’s a good scare.  Not the “oh shit, I better look under the bed tonight” scare that I’ve gotten from Stephen King books, but more like that very disturbing mental scare that will never let you forget a book long after you’ve read it. I still think about this book to this day!

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