30 Day Book Challenge – Day 7

Day 7: Book You Can Recite/Quote From

Would you eat them in a box?  Would you eat them with a fox?

Yes, that’s right.  Green Eggs and Ham by the Beloved Dr. Seuss.  Don’t make fun.

I had to give this one a lot of thought. Sure, I can quote some from the Bible.

And I have favorite quotes from other books – but mostly thanks to the movies!  Towanda!  (Just watched Fried Green Tomatoes again last night!)

There were a few other books I considered, but after going back and looking at the 30 Day Book Challenge list again, I decided I wanted to save those for other entries.

Back in grade school, we went to the library every Friday and I probably checked out Dr. Seuss and Curious George more than anything else, and definitely Green Eggs more than once!

So…there you have it!

I am Sam. Sam I am!  I do not like green eggs and ham.

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