The First 100 Pages: Dead and Alive (Frankenstein Book 3) by Dean Koontz

That’s right!  I just started this book and I’m already 100 pages in.  Note it only has 352 pages to it, the first two in the series were over 450 each.

And whoa!  The reviews were right although I tried to avoid looking at them.  This one is a real stinker.  First, let’s talk about the reviews, shall we?

At Amazon, Book 1 has a 4 star rating with currently 169 reviews.

Book 2 has 148 reviews and a 4 star rating.

Book 4 has 156 reviews and a 3 star ratring.

Book 5 has 42 reviews and a 4 star rating.

But Book 3?  It has 207 reviews and a 2.5 star rating…the most reviews out of all 5 books and the lowest rating too!  Wow!

So, at 100 pages here’s what has happened so far.  Warning!  These could be spoilers for those who plan to read this book…

Deucalion found his way into Victor’s lab and confronts his virtual secretary and kills her. Ripley, the lab assistant, has a conversation with the bizarre panther-cockroach-spider thing that has gotten out of its holding cell.  The thing was once Werner, the security guard, but like Harker (in the first book) it metamorphosed into something else. It kills Ripley. Carson and Michael are off having a po-boy sandwich. Ericka is becoming intrigued with a Gollum-Dobby like albino troll called Jocko, which we find out is the strange character that escaped into the sewers in the first book after Harker gave birth to it.  Oh, and the District Attorney and his wife (introduced at the very very end of book two), who have been replaced by New Race copies, get naked and go on a killing spree around their neighborhood.

And that’s literally about it.

There’s a note in the first two books in the series from Koontz stating that the first two books were cowritten with someone, but he doesn’t work well with others so I guess he bought them out and had their names removed. You can read more about that on the Wikipedia page for the series. While the first two books were light reads with a bit of off color humor, they were at least good and definite page turners.  Wow!  What can I say about Part 3?  I’ll be glad when I’m done reading it.  I thought I could brush through this one in less than a week, since it took only a week each to read the first two, but so far its been absolutely painful.

More to come when I post my official review, which so far is leaning toward 2 stars.  And that’s sad since I have each of the first two 4 star ratings.

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