The First 100 Pages: Frankenstein by Dean Koontz Book 1 Prodigal Son

Having just read my very first Dean Koontz book at the beginning of this month (Read my review!), I was anxious to start another.  I chose Book 1 of his Frankenstein Trilogy which is called Prodigal Son.  And I’m actually 200 pages in as I write this, having just started it last Saturday when I finished Stephen King’s Bag of Bones.  I always seem to read mass market paperbacks quicker. Plus, Koontz is a much easier read than King.  He gets right to the point and really pushes the story along which keeps my interest. 

While Frankenstein is definitely a page turner and I do plan to read the other 2 books in the series right after I finish this one, it’s not as captivating as What The Night Knows was for me. Koontz actually wrote this originally as a miniseries script which he abandoned after the network wanted to make a lot of changes.  He developed it into a five book story instead.

It’s the story of Victor Frankenstein and the monster (now known as Deucalion) from Mary Shelley’s classic now living in a modern day New Orleans.  Like vampires, or more like zombies, they’ve both sustained immortality. Deucalion has become educated and refined.  Frankenstein is a rich doctor who is developing a New Race now that he’s improved his mechanics of new life forms.  Throw in a serial killer – who may or may not be a member of the New Race – who is preying on both humans and New Race members, and a storyline about two young detectives tracking him down, and you’ve pretty much got enough suspense to keep you reading.  I know I’m intrigued!

Like I said, while this one is a bit more loose as far as details go, moreso than Night was, it’s still a good read and is holding my attention.  More about it later when I post my full review.

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