The Urban Gardener: A Surprise Lily

While Surprise Lily isn’t really the name of this flower, I’m calling it that because seeing it in full bloom this year was a surprise.

This is a peachy colored day lily, known as an orchid lily for its fragile look and soft looking petals. I’m calling it that also because it waited till this extreme heat to bloom.

A friend gave us this plant about two years ago.  It bloomed one single bloom last year and that was it.  It had not bloomed at all this year, and I was close to pulling it up at the end of the season and tossing it out.  Well, it must have known what I was thinking because last week it sprouted two or three stalks and there were several blooms by the end of the week.

Most of the tiger lilies have come and gone, except for the rich red ones in the front yard.  This one is in the back yard on the front side of our patio, nestled next to the newer blackberry lily and behind a bunch of Roanoke iris.  The stalks grew nice and tall so that we were able to see the blooms from the deck at the back of the house.

Tomorrow’s post will feature a new addition that we added next to this plant about two weeks ago.

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