Coupon Recap For June

I know I haven’t been mentioning it much thanks to all my gardening posts, but yes, I am still religiously couponing!  Here’s a recap of how I did for June and where I am for the year.

Thanks to dieting I’m actually spending less in groceries all together.  And my coupon organizer is getting pretty thin because I haven’t bought a Sunday paper in months.  My boss has been bringing me her coupon inserts week to week, which is working out fine because I’m still finding savings on the items I do buy on a regular basis.

For June, I saved just $4.30 at Walgreens.

I saved $3.00 at Petco on DogFood thanks to a coupon I received in the mail.

I saved $15.61 at Target.  Remember my grocery trip to Target a few weeks ago?  I plan on doing that again really soon.

I saved $1.37 in gas thanks to those Shop N Save coupons for gas and if you buy a carwash at the pump at my local Shell you also save so much off per gallon.

And the big winner this month was Shop N Save again with $76.52 in coupon savings.  This includes two trips in on the $10 off $50 Thursday two weeks ago. And also includes a deal I did yesterday where if you bought $30 in certain P&G products, you got a $15 iTunes Gift Card. I had a ton of P&G coupons that were going to expire today so I saved even more there.

My total for the year in Coupon Savings is $517.96.  Since half the year is gone, I’m halfway to $1K.  That’s not quite my goal for the year of $1500.00 but who knows what will happen.  I’ll still be happy with reaching 1K again.

So, where are you saving money or how are you doing with your coupons this year?


    • Oh! Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I guess the coupon group sort of broke apart. That’s okay though. I can’t say I’ve had time to be able to attend. And with both of us eating better and dieting, I’m not spending as much on groceries here. Haven’t bought a Sunday paper in weeks. Hope all is well with you two!

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