Get ready… The Big C: Season 2 is here!

Monday night was the Season 2 Premiere of HBO’s The Big C starring Laura Linney. I loved Season 1 so I couldn’t wait for the start of Season 2.  Monday’s show wasn’t quite as funny as Season 1 Episode’s tended to be, but it was still filled with laughs and even some tears from me in the end.

Spoilers About the Show:

So, Cathy is leaving Dr. Todd for a second opinion.  Since Paul found out that Dr. Todd kissed Cathy (Cathy confessed while she and Paul were smoking pot together – a remedy Todd suggested to relieve her headaches) Paul confronted Todd and popped him in the mouth.  However, Cathy was already trying to get an appointment to another doctor who’d been getting good results supposedly with Stage 4 cancer patients, after Dr. Todd looked at her scans and decided that the chemo wasn’t working.  Cathy isn’t taking no for an answer!

Meanwhile, Cathy is trying to get son Adam to go to counseling.  Adam just wants to hang out with his friends, and has also taken up “aggresive farting” which Paul and Cathy think means something.  Sean, Cathy’s brother, finally finds out that Cathy has cancer, thanks to his pregnant girlfriend blabbing it to him despite Cathy asking her not to because she wanted to be the one to tell him.  But Cathy was worried that Sean would blow up so she made him a sandwich laced with some meds to hopefully keep him calm.  But she dropped some pills and Thomas, Marlene’s dog that now lives with Cathy, swallowed a couple. While Cathy was panicking about Thomas, Rebecca the girlfriend came in and saw the pill bottles and began asking a bunch of questions so Cathy just told her.  Thomas was okay!

Paul later  mistakened Thomas to be dead again, and had to tell Cathy after she finally got an appointment with the new doctor after many a harrassing voice mail left and an awkward visit to the doctor’s office.  But after his confrontation with Paul, Dr. Todd had called and got Cathy the appointment.  Luckily, Thomas the dog wasn’t dead after all and Dr. Todd confessed to Cathy that she can’t be his patient anymore because he sees her as more than a patient.

Add to this that Cathy has been seeing Marlene, or Marlene’s ghost, and Marlene is hamming up death big time.  She even wanted to stick her foot in the garbage disposal and have Cathy turn it on just to see if she could feel anything.  Cathy’s been chasing her away, but Marlene won’t give.  The show even ended with a tearful scene of Cathy sitting on the floor hugging Thomas and Marlene is sitting on the steps behind her just grinning and shaking her head.

End Spoilers.

Like I said, I laughed out loud some and was even shedding a tear by the end.  This show did that to me many a time in the first season.  So, the new season is off to a great start so far.  The only thing that really stuck out to me is that Cathy mentioned quite a bit about Sean being sick in this episode.  That wasn’t something that was discussed much in the first season.  Sure, we all know by watching the show that he’s a bit crazy, but sickness was never mentioned.  It will be interesting to see if they are adding this little detail in order to approach the subject more later.

I’m so glad The Big C is back!  Check back next week for my thoughts on the next show!

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  1. Shannon you should write me in as either one of the nurses treating Cathy or the sons older girlfriend!

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